A documentary by Matthieu Canaguier – 45 min – Primavera Collection
Surabaya. Chaotic city, infinite labyrinth of iron and concrete. In this street maze, a whole generation of young Indonesians tries to find itself, to revolt and gathers around an underground and controversial music: Black Metal.

The film follows the crossed destinies of several member of the scene, each one of them is viscerally attached to this violent, dark, mystical, and transgressive music.

Selections and Prizes
Amplifest – Porto (Portugal)
L’étrange festival – Paris (France)
Chicago Underground Film Festival – Chicago (USA)
LUFF – Lausanne Underground Film Festival 2014
April 2015: Broadcast on France 4

A La Maison du directeur, En Rachâchant, Lyon Capital TV production
With the support of the CNC and Rhône-Alpes Region