A documentary series by Dimitris Petalas, Lionel Rossini, Trevor Tweeten, Eva Munyiri, Laurie Grosset, Pedro Watanabe, The Shadow Director and Timo Wright, based on an original idea by Sidonie Garnier, Jeanne Thibord et François le Gall – 8×7’
8 artists, 8 cities, 8 directors

“Défense d’afficher” ("Post no bills") is said in all languages. However, in every country, graffiti and street artists defy this ban. What do they have to say that is so important? What is the true meaning of their gesture?

At the end of a virtual journey, the web documentary “Défense d’afficher” invites Internet users to discover what street art tells us about cities and today’s world.

Selections and Prizes
Prize for Best Webdocumentary / Visa pour l’image 2012
FIFE Festival international du film pour l’environnement 2013
CARADURA, International Urban Art Film Festival, RIO DE JANEIRO, 2012
Street Art Film Festival organized by Opus Délits, 2013
First Prize ad Prize of the Public : ORION in Rio de Janeiro by Pedro WATANABE
Special Prize of the Jury : 5Pointz / Meres One in New York by Trevor Tweeten
Escales Documentaires, 2013

In co-production with a_BAHN, in co-production with France Télévisions Nouvelles Ecritures and France 3 Paris/Île-de-France
With the support of the CNC Images de la diversité and the Franche-Comté Region
In partnership with Libération, Radio Nova, Dailymotion, WIP Villette