A documentary by Filipe Galvon – 55 min
Encantado is a political and poetic portrait of recent Brazil, as seen by the first working-class population studying abroad.

Is the country that enchanted the world living a disenchantment? If Brazil was once called the country of the future, it is nowadays an example of a democracy in ruins, this country’s situation being the symptom of a global process of democratic disenchantment.

Then what does Brazil’s disenchantment say about France and the world? The Lula-Dilma generation bears the burden of discovering the avenues for an answer, and of building its destiny on the ruins of an ending Brazil.

Rencontres du Cinéma Sud-Américain – Marseille, France
Cinéma sous les étoiles – Montréal, Canada
Nuit du Cinéma militant – Lyon, France
S.A.L.S.A. Festival – Sète, France
Festival Biarritz Amérique Latine – France
Brasília International Festival // Popular Jury Prize for Best Film

In co-production with Public Sénat, and with the support of the CNC and Procirep-Angoa