A feature-length film by Philippe Appietto and Nathalie Sauvregrain – with Lou Lesage and Olivier Clastre
Rock’n’roll comedy with hippie tendency.
With Lou Lesage, Olivier Clastre (alias Oliboy), Diana Laszlo, Kevyn Diana, Théo Costa, Mélanie Torök, Fary Brito, Sophie Verbeeck, France de Griessen…

Océane is dumped on a motorway service area. She stumbles upon Oliboy, and underground musician who takes her to the Pin Sec camping site, an alternative place where people live at the pace of rock music and waves. An over-the-top initiation journey against a surf and rock’n’roll backdrop.

Soundtrack: Oliboy, The Dukes, Dax Riders, Sticky Boys, France de Griessen…
In co-production with Rezina Productions, Maje Productions and Garance Capital
Pre-purchase by Ciné + and Canal Jimmy.

Released in theaters on September 11th, 2013 – available on VOD since January 5, 2014… and the soundtrack is available on iTunes!