A documentary series by Fabien Benoit – 16×6 min – based on an original idea by Sidonie Garnier, Jeanne Thibord and François Le Gall
Shaken by the arrival of the internet, the musical world has been completely transformed. Who and what are the actors of this new world? What musical movements does it give rise to? What could the future of music be?

The Internet has become the preferred place for discovering new sounds. In 2015, 63 million songs were shared on Facebook and more than 50% of people between the age of 15 and 24 listen to and watch music online, on YouTube.

Thanks to diggers, who have made it their mission to search vinyl trays or the smallest corners of the Internet to unearth sounds to broadcast or sample, music is circulating faster than it has ever done, causing sometimes unexpected results. From the Lisbon ghetto bass to the electro-chaabi of the Cairo suburbs, from digital cumbia to Brazilian baile funk: everything is listened to and is mixed together.

Shot all around the world, the DIG IT! series explores this new musical world, where connected individuals spread sounds and accelerate the fusion of cultures.

Co-produced with a_BAHN, in co-production with Arte France